Writing about My Book of the Year – Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders

The last time I posted a book review was in February 2016. That was 22 months ago! Just imagine the struggle I went through when I wrote one last week. Granted, it was for a different blog (not mine), but it took me three sessions to finish a 500-word post.

I’m still rusty at this. At times, I think I just got back to blogging a couple of weeks back. When I checked my list of posts, I saw that the “recent” post was more than a month ago. I made a mental list of things I would like to write about, which is, of course, a grave mistake. A mental list is doomed to be forgotten. But to be fair, I always write mentally, which is why I find it surprising when the text cursor furiously blinks at me for staring at it for too long.

In my head, I write sentences that I would like to end up on a blog post. But by the time I get to a computer, I either forget what I am going to write or realize that what I want to write sounds wrong. I could easily blame it for too much work-related writing and lack of leisure writing, but shouldn’t it come out naturally, something akin to swimming after years of being landlocked or riding a bike since childhood?

It seems easier to write on my journal because the only known audience is myself. Who knows which pairs of eyes may land on them in the future? With journals, I can’t be bothered with word count or writing with a set of rules to stick by (doing the intro, body, and conclusion; being coherent and cohesive). This is probably a flaw, but if it allows me to fill at least half a page of scrawny writing, which is by all means some writing done, I’m fine with it.

Maybe I’m being hard on myself, but the truth is that helps me to keep going. In fact, the book review that I wrote had a deadline, and this is ultimately why I was able to finish it. A bit of pressure here and there can do wonders. Of course, I still take to heart the sage advice of taking it easy, especially since this spot on the Internet is supposed to be my paradise. I guess what I’m saying is there should be a balance between pressure and relaxation. Tilt the scale to what weight is needed and it should be fine.

It took me a really long time to just put the darn link to my review of Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders, eh? Anyway, here it is.


  1. I tried keeping a book journal last year thinking it would be easier than writing for a blog but it didn’t turn out that way at all. Even though I knew no one would read the journal it still took me a long time to write entries and then I kept forgetting to do updates. I think I lasted two months….


    • I did a book journal about four years ago where I would log my daily reading thoughts. It lasted for half a year.

      Have you heard of bullet journaling? That’s what I’m doing now. I just put my book thoughts in it mixed with my to-do lists.


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